Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Experiment on Microwaved water

Microwaved Water – See What It Does To Plants Below is a science fair project. In it she took filtered water and divided it into two parts. The first part she heated to boiling in a pan on the stove, and the second part she heated to boiling in a microwave. Then after cooling she used the water  to water two identical plants to see if there would be any difference in the growth between the normal boiled water and the water boiled in a microwave. She was thinking that the structure or energy of the water may be compromised by microwave. As it turned out, even she was amazed at the difference I have  known for years that the problem with microwaved anything is not the radiation people used to worry about, It's how it corrupts the DNA in the food so the body can not recognize it. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Please ensure all the family takes a good look at this spider..........maybe some should not look at the photos of the person who got bitten on the thumb and the end result.......but please take note of what the spider looks like. So if it looks like a huntsman and you are not sure, for your safety's sake...KILL IT!