Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things to Sell for Quick Cash

Selling personal property is a common way to make cash fast. Garage sales, pawn shops, eBay and Craigslist are popular places to sell used property quickly. Many types of property retain almost no value after being owned and used. Lightly used big-ticket items and items that tend to retain value over time may be your best bets for bringing in a lot of cash quickly.

Electronic equipment can be very expensive and tends to depreciate in value quickly, but lightly used electronics can fetch reasonable prices. Pawn shops buy and sell electronics like TVs and computers regularly. You will, however, likely have to sell an electronic device for considerably less than the original purchase price. Lightly used game consoles, video games and video game equipment can often be sold to video game stores for quick cash. Even small items such as digital cameras, portable media players and smart phones are often worth hundreds of dollars.

If you need to bring in a lot of cash in a relatively short amount of time, consider selling a used vehicle to a private party. Cars lose a considerable amount of value during the first few years of ownership, but there is a large market for used cars that work well. Check the private party value of the car in the Kelly Blue Book (KBB) to get a basic idea of the car's value. If you decide to sell a vehicle, get a value estimate from a car dealership or appraiser. If you need cash quickly, setting the price lower than the estimates will attract more buyers.

Jewelry and precious metals are always in demand at jewelry stores and pawn shops. Precious metals tend to retain their value over time and may actually increase. Metals such as gold, silver and platinum are often purchased by investors in the hope that the value of the metals will increase over time; jewelry composed of these metals can often be sold for quick cash.

Ticket to events such as concerts and stand-up comedians are often in high demand and you may be able to sell them at or above face value (selling tickets above face value is known as "scalping" and may be illegal in some states.). Craigslist, a popular Internet advertisement website, contains a section for posting ads for ticket sales; if you are unable to sell a ticket ahead of time, try selling them at the event. Event goers are often in need of extra tickets and may be willing to purchase them on the street.

source: Gregory HameleHow