Thursday, November 19, 2009


Please inform all your friends.

Robbery in Penang - New Technique
She and her husband, after dinner, walking towards their car along Nagore Road, a guy came on the motorbike from the opposite direction - poke something sharp into her arm and she had to let down her hand in pain - her handbag which was slung across came falling down - and the guy just pick up the bag and went off - so easy. 

She lost everything in her handbag - ic, credit card, pension card, insurance card and cash, etc. - it was horrible. She is still in a state of shock and her hand is now blue black all over..

So the latest technique is they will poke something sharp into your hand and in doing so, you will have to let your hand drop in pain and your handbag will come falling down!

Just inform all your friends about this incident.