Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Transplant Team Drops Heart on Way to Hospital

MEXICO CITY -- Medics rushing a human heart to a hospital in Mexico City for a life-saving transplant dropped it.

A helicopter was used to deliver the heart in what's called "a rapid, precision maneuver."

But after getting out of the helicopter, the medic appears to trip on a pothole.

That sent the plastic-wrapped heart tumbling out of a cooler and onto the street.

The medic immediately retrieved the heart and put in back in the cooler.

It was brought into the hospital where the transplant team was waiting.

Doctors proceeded with the surgery, which was reportedly a success.

The doctor in charge of the operation tells, The Telegraph, "Its arrival was a bit scary, but fortunately it all went well. Because we had the heart perfectly protected as it was packed in three layers," he said.